Tiling Window Manager

The mains advantage of a tiling window manager, is switch workspaces freely even on multiple monitor, allowing me to focus on one monitor.

My pick for tiling window manager is LeftWM, but i can’t say i really tried others wm, i use awesomewm and i3 for a few days before settle for leftwm, and because works great for me didn’t bother try anything else.

My Setup


Based on saimoomedits dotfiles

Scratchpad Ubuntu Fix

Ubuntu replaced sh with dash, and leftwm uses sh to spawn new windows, and due this issue, the way dash spawn new window it doesn’t work properly with leftwm, to fix it, just edit leftwm-core/src/utils/child_process.rs and replace:





First screenshot

Music player using playerctl

First screenshot

Volume control

First screenshot

Battery and Memory stats

First screenshot


First screenshot